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Shell Visual Media Services Pitch ROYAL DUTCH SHELL

Assignment carried out while working at communication agency NoSuchCompany.

When the Royal Dutch Shell contacted the communication agency I have worked for regarding a pitch to set-up and run the Visual Media department at Shell HQ in The Hague I have written all required documents, including the responses to the Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), supporting documents, report proposals and rate proposals. I have also co-ordinated the entire process both within the communication agency and towards Shell.

This pitch has resulted in a 3-year contract between the communication agency and Shell. The agency now runs an in-house communication agency within Shell HQ in The Hague consisting of approximately 7 design- and branding specialists and also carries out many Shell assignments within their own office in Rotterdam.
Shell Account Management ROYAL DUTCH SHELL

Assignment carried out while working at communication agency NoSuchCompany.

After the communication agency I worked for received a 3-year contract to set-up and run the in-house communication agency (Visual Media Services) for Shell in their HQ in The Hague, I took on the roll of Account Manager. Within this role I was responsible for the following:

  • relationship management
  • primary spokes person and contact point for the communication agency
  • determining and following up on action items
  • set-up the initial design team
  • process definitions
  • reporting
  • quality control
  • finances
  • HRM set-up and co-ordination
  • contract and rate negotiations
  • co-ordinating and setting up knowledge sharing sessions
Shell IT Consultancy ROYAL DUTCH SHELL

Assignment carried out while working at communication agency NoSuchCompany.

Since IT is a new area of expertise for Shell Visual Media Services I have acted as a consultant and project manager for the communication agency during several IT and internet related projects. These projects include web pages, intranet sites, Flash animations, IT templates, etc.

I have also assisted in setting up several process documents that can be used by the design team and Shell Project Managers when working on Shell IT projects.