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I am a project manager / SCRUM master specialised in (international) IT, communication and internet related projects. I am experienced and educated in project management techniques and SCRUM, but what sets me apart from other people in my line of work?

Due to my background as an internet specialist, internet marketer and marketing manager, I have an in-depth knowledge regarding the internet and other marketing tools. This makes me a strong communication partner for designers, programmers, marketers and other people that are involved in the projects. I know what a project entails and what to realistically expect from the parties involved and can form a link between parties. This is important, because people in different areas of expertise often don't speak the same "language". It is not always easy for people to bring their message across in such a way that all other parties understand, because they each have their own customs and terminology.

As a project manager I am used to managing projects for multinationals like Microsoft and Shell, but also for small to medium sized companies and non-profit organisations.

Interested? Please read more about me or take a look at my portfolio to see what I can do for you.